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Office Glasgow
Federation West
Procurator Fiscal Mr David Harvie
Address Procurator Fiscal's Office
10 Ballater Street
G5 9PS
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Opening Times Mon – Thurs 8:30am – 5pm Fri 9am 4.30pm
Additional Information

For more information or to request additional arrangements to suit your needs, please contact our reception or Office Manager:

Tel: 0844 561 2220
Textphone Prefix: 18001

If you are a wheelchair user or have restricted mobility

Parking facilities: There are private parking facilities at this office. Road-side parking is subject to availability and local restrictions. The nearest drop kerb is approximately 50 metres from the office front entrance.

To request advice about parking for disabled drivers please contact the Accommodation Officer on the number above.

Approach to Main Entrance: From the public footpath, there are ramps with handrails on both sides at the main entrance. There is a wheelchair accessible push pad door to the right of the main entrance. Door Width: Main entrance push pad door - width 1 metre

Push-pad or Automatic doors

Approach to Reception Area: There is a clear passage to the Main Reception Desk.

Low level counter

There is seating available in each reception area. Please ask if you need extra assistance.

Approach to Interview / Conference Rooms: Interview Rooms are located on all floors. The Conference Rooms are located on the 3rd floor. All of these can be accessed via lifts to each floor. Door Width: 75cm

Assistance may be required to manage the double doors through to our Conference Rooms.

Audible emergency alarms: Continuous bell
Our staff have a responsibility to ensure that they accompany any visitors during an emergency evacuation to the muster point designated in local Fire Evacuation Plans. Visitors must not be left unattended and should be accompanied at all times during an emergency evacuation until the all clear is given for re-entry to the building. Where appropriate a suitable emergency evacuation plan will be in place to ensure safe evacuation of disabled persons during an emergency situation.

Please advise the local Accommodation Officer if you have any special requirements.

If you have a visual impairment

Colour definition: Where possible, our office uses colour definition to indicate changes in floor levels, doors, steps/stairs and emergency signs.

Written documents: We will try to make information available in a suitable format to meet your particular needs. To request correspondence and/or documents in your preferred accessible format, please contact us.

Our office welcomes guide dogs: The dog's comfort is your responsibility but we will provide a bowl of water on request.

Accessible lift system: The lift has raised floor indicator buttons; ''voice-over' floor and door alerts

If you have a hearing impairment

Hearing Aid Users: We have a Hearing Induction Loop System in our reception areas. We also have a mobile Hearing Induction Loop that can be used in our interview rooms or conference room.

Lip Readers: Our staff are issued with good-practice guidance and we will make efforts to provide adequate lighting in any interview space to suit your needs.

Access to Sign Language interpreter: If you need us to have an interpreter available, you must let us know as soon as possible, so that we have enough time to arrange this. Please contact the person who has requested your attendance at the office or our Cashier's Department:

Tel: 0141 418 5891 (Cashier's Dept) or 0844 561 2220 (Ballater Street main office)
Textphone Prefix: 18001

Textphone users: You can access our services by calling through the RNID Typetalk service using the prefix 18001. There are no public textphones in this office.

Accessible lift system: The lift has illuminated floor level indicators.

Emergency alarms: There are currently no visual or personal alarm systems in this office. Please advise our staff of your needs.

Accessible toilet and comfort facilities

Public Toilets: Men and Women's accessible toilets are available on the ground floor. A pull-cord is located in the disabled toilets. Door Width: 80cm

Access to refreshments: There are no public canteen or vending machine facilities in the building.

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Latest Local News

First Cold Case Unit indictment served for historic murder case.

9 Jan 2014

Following an investigation under the direction of the Crown Office Cold Case Review Unit, John Docherty, born 2 December 1964 has been indicted for the murder of Elaine Doyle in Greenock on 2 June 1986. The case will call for a preliminary hearing at the High Court of Justiciary, Glasgow on 10 February 2014. This is the first indictment to be served following an investigation by the Cold Case Unit set up by the Crown Office in 2011.


Clutha Helicopter Crash: AAIB publish Special Bulletin

9 Dec 2013

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has today published a Special Bulletin which provides initial information on the investigation into the incident involving a police helicopter on 29 November 2013.


Solicitor General says Scotland needs domestic abuse law

8 May 2014

Solicitor General Lesley Thomson QC says Scotland needs to look towards developing a modern approach that takes account of the devastating emotional damage to victims caused by domestic abuse as well as the physical damage that is so often caused - and we need a law that recognises that and punishes those responsible.

Read more


COPFS welcomes Stonewall Scotland to discuss supporting LGBT staff

7 Oct 2014

COPFS was pleased to welcome Stonewall Scotland and guests to the Scottish Prosecution College in Glasgow today.

The "Diversity Champions" seminar discussed the role that managers can play in supporting LGBT staff and fostering a diverse team. Our Equality Champion Ruth McQuaid opened the event, and spoke about the work done recently in COPFS to educate managers about how they can more effectively support LGBT staff.


Report published on enhancing the provision of interpreting in the Scottish criminal justice system

6 Jan 2014

A Skills for Justice report on enhancing the professionalsim of the provision of interpreting in the Scottish criminal justice sector was published today. The report was commissioned by the Working Group on Interpreting and Translation (WGIT) whose members include the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.  The publication reports on the key findings of a scoping exercise to review and evaluate current interpreting provision, standards, qualification, training and service contracts.


Life sentence for first ‘Cold Case’ murder conviction in Scotland

6 Aug 2014

John Docherty was indicted in January this year for the 1986 murder of sixteen year-old Elaine Doyle. This was the first indictment to be served for an unresolved homicide following an investigation led by the Crown Office Cold Case Unit (CCU). Today at Glasgow High Court Docherty was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC said the sentence ends a long search for justice for the Doyle family.



Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar

5 Nov 2015

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) are hosting a seminar on Cyber Crime Awareness which is aimed at people who are aged 50 years and older, to raise awareness of cyber scamming.

The seminar is taking place in the Central Library in Edinburgh on Thursday 12 November 2015 at 2pm.


Crossing boundaries in reform of criminal law

5 Mar 2015

COPFS is to host the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law conference in Edinburgh from 21-25 June 2015.

The Solicitor General, Lesley Thomson QC, will chair the Society’s 28th international conference, bringing together those from criminal justice organisations and academics from around the world.


Domestic Abuse Charges Reported in 2014-15

4 Nov 2015
COPFS figures published today (4 November 2015) show that domestic abuse continues to be a significant issue in Scotland and prosecutors dealt with over 36,000 charges reported by Police Scotland in the year 2014-15.


Drivers urged to consider the consequences of drink driving this summer

4 Jun 2014

Motorists in Scotland are being reminded of the tough legal and personal consequences of drink driving with the launch of the COPFS / Police Scotland 2014 Summer Drink Drive campaign.

The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, the senior Law Officer in Scotland warned that those caught “Will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” and not only risk losing their licence, liberty and car but their life and the life of others.

Should you suspect someone of drink driving, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or report it to your local police office by dialing 101. In an emergency, you can also dial 999.


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