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Three years imprisonment for human traffickers

Today at Dundee Sheriff Court, Renata Kulova (DOB 15/07/92), Helena Kulova (DOB 28/04/65) and Ivan Balog (DOB 17/05/85), all of Glasgow, were each sentenced to three years’ imprisonment after their conviction on 12 December 2012 of theft and human trafficking.  The offences occurred between 28th June 2012 and  25th July 2012 in Slovakia, Glasgow, Perth and elsewhere in Scotland.

Andrew McIntyre, Procurator Fiscal for Sheriff and Jury cases in the North of Scotland, and prosecutor in this case, said:

“Today we have seen justice delivered to three individuals who sought to benefit from the trafficking of another human being.

“This conviction has shown that human trafficking takes many guises and does not always involve violence or physical force.  The Kulovas and Ivan Balog exploited their victim by keeping her identification documents and deceiving her thereby exerting control over her for their own ends.

“In this case we worked closely with the Scottish police and international authorities to allow the Scottish jury to hear vital evidence from Slovakian police and the victim's family, via a live TV link from Slovakia.

“I hope, therefore, that this case makes clear the determination of Scottish prosecutors to tackle all forms of human trafficking and to use all powers available to us to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.”